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What Advantages do Traditional Publishers Offer Authors?

A Comparison of Traditional and Indie Publishing from the Authors’ Perspective

By Dana Beth Weinberg and Jeremy Greenfield


Format: Available for Download

The author community is abuzz with news of self-published authors who are making very good money by going indie. With the stigma diminishing, this alternative mode of publishing has become increasingly attractive to both new and seasoned authors. However, the 2013 Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Author Survey found that despite the excitement about self-publishing and complaints about traditional publishing, authors held a strong preference to publish with traditional publishers.This report seeks to understand why.

What advantages do traditional publishers offer authors? The 2014 Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest was designed specifically to compare the perceptions, experiences, and economic returns to authors associated with traditional publishing and self-publishing respectively. In this report, we take a close look at the case to be made to the author community in favor of traditional publishing as well as the areas where traditional publishers might enhance what they offer their current and prospective authors.

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Author/Speaker/Editor Dana Beth Weinberg and Jeremy Greenfield
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ISBN 13 9781440338359
In review: Can print keep pace with digital media? Would you spend $295 to learn why authors still go with traditional publishers?  Obviously, there is still a huge stigma to self published books. The National Book Award is closed to self published writers; all of the PEN Awards, some of the most prestigious awards in book publishing—all closed. The NY Times will not touch a self published book. Most distributors will not go near you anymore. So what is one to do now that bookstores are on life support.
We’ve all heard of successful self-published authors, but Weinberg and Greenfield’s research reveals that out of the nearly 10,000 authors surveyed, 76.8 percent of yet-to-be published authors preferred the traditional publishing route to the self-publishing route as their intended course of action in the future. More than half of authors who already were self-published, as well as hybrid authors, were hoping to publish with traditional publishers, at 53.5 percent and 57.8 percent, respectively. And 87.2 percent of authors who were already traditionally published intended to stick with traditional publishing rather than switching teams.
It’s a paradoxical predicament that has left more than a few scratching their heads. The situtation continues to evolve on a daily basis, so save your money and keeping abreast of the latest trends through social media and writing/publising websites.
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