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If you’re a fan of vintage vinyl records, music history, and zany imagery you’re bound to adore LPCover Lover’s Blog

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of record covers from the golden age of LPs

About LPCover Lovers

We’ve actually organized our lp collections into cover categories like “cartoons” and “cheesecake” and “beatniks”; even “dolls” and “monsters” and “big heads.” So we’re getting it together to show you the highlights and low points of our obsessive habit. To show you record covers that you don’t see everywhere else. Covers that might otherwise be lost to the junk heap of history. We’ll also include some covers that are recognized as icons of graphic design and influencers of style. Covers that are quintessential in their own way and that are timeless and “cool.”

Pick your poison — the comprehensive left-hand column of categories allows you to view album covers from a variety of genres ranging from Asian Pop to Voodoo Magic! They also have a whole sub-site dedicated to images of women and record collecting: Chicks-dig-Records

I really admire the balance between zany and dynamic image choices and the clean lines and organization of this blog. It’s easy to navigate and the curation of the albums they’ve selected bespeaks a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the artform. KINITA-yo-yo-ye-ye2 Each featured album gets its due with a tastefully humourous synopsis and full accreditation for those culture vultures who will want to seek out their own copies.

Readers can contribute albums covers and they even provide tips on how to best to capture a cover image for digital upload and submission. Thinking of starting your own collection? The experts at LPCover Lover’s have you covered, so to speak. They go into detail about what to look for and consider when embarking on your journey into becoming an audiophile.   It goes beyond kitsch into the realm of archival preservation. Each of these album covers was designed to capture the essence of the music presented therein.



The folks at LPCover Lover obviously take a lot of pride in their collections. I like the fact that I can live vicariously through them and enjoy these remarkable touchstones of 20th century culture without having to fill my own basement with – full of dusty, heavy vinyl records.   The righT-hand column features an “album of the week” to keep things fresh and current.   And, of course, you can link to their store and a treasure-trove of recommended sites and blogs! Perhaps the most social aspect of this site, the WANTED category includes hard-to-find and even harder-to-buy record albums that the site’s curators are eager to get their hands on. It’s evident from the comment section that their readers are eager to participate in this proverbial egg hunt and add their own rare-find boasts to the mix.


Despite the tens of thousands of records that we already own, we wouldn’t be true collectors if we didn’t continue to hunt and to hone our collections. We’re still trying to find covers that have eluded and haunted us since we first discovered their existence in others possession. Like the ones that get scooped up right in front of you at a flea market or the ones that are framed behind the record store counter and say “not for sale”. Anyway, if you happen to have any of the records that we’ve tagged “wanted,” we’d be thrilled to buy them from you. Likewise, if you see any records that you like here, let us know and if we have, or find, a second copy, we’ll happily sell or trade them to you.   




Frequently updated, this blog is a good example of how to present content that engages its audience (through appealing visuals displayed in an orderly fashion) and keeps them coming back for more. As a librarian and archivist myself, I feel that LPCover Lover is providing a public service in preserving these images for the future and aggregating them for the present. I hope to adopt some of their blogging style and stragegy into my own radio/music journalism blog!




  1. Neato! I”ll be sharing this LP Cover Lover with both my husband and a good friend of ours, who are both audiophiles. I’ve often thought LP covers would make great artwork!


  2. Love these LP Covers – especially the Spoutnik Party one. Certainly seems to capture the era. So wonderfully cheesy.

    Thanks so much for sharing



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