Saying “Yes!” to the Plus!

Am I getting the most out of Social Media sites like Google+ and LinkedIn?

**  Hey! It is what you make it!  **


Given that Google+ is a “must-do” for those #ADL310 students, as well as those who are vested in production and distribution, I aim to make optimal use of it even though I’m chiefly concerned with utilizing it for personal promotion, as opposed to running a small business. As a writer, journalist, radio programmer, wife, parent, film critic, MMA enthusiast, feminist, science fiction fan, et al. — I think that Google+ holds decent potential for drawing attention to my creative endeavours, accomplishments, opinions, and areas of interest.

  • I’m not going to bludgeon you with the business end of it; this is about sharing and spreading ideas that provoke, stimulate, and inspire.


  Calgary has a very strong music community and the indie music scene is thriving across Canada at large. I would love to go beyond my usual publishing/writing activities for the various newspapers, websites, and magazines that I’m fortunate enough to write for when tapping into that devoted readership.

The world wide web is the new wild wild west!

My beloved radio station CJSW 90.9FM in Calgary has recently been approved to increase our signal power from 4,000 to 14,000 watts!  That means more listeners for my Saturday night program, “The Nocturntable”, than ever before. I want to provide an easy to access and visually enticing forum for promoting my program, sharing new sounds and artists, and interacting with listeners.   artworks-000071993282-7gav2j-original By now we all know that Twitter is not just fun — it’s near instant! You may be able to get the headlines in real time — but the big picture can’t always be conveyed in 140 characters!

As our course text Zen and the Art of Social Media Marketing suggests, Twitter wasn’t really designed for conversations. If you’ve tried, you’ve probably found it difficult to follow certain threads and exchanges. Back-tracking through a multi-layered interaction is pretty much an exercise in futility. Have you ever gone to a person’s page, and seen ten tweets in a row studded with a litany of @msgs and cryptic hashtags? It’s almost impossible to decipher who said what to whom!

The insightful and entertaining can coexist!?


Social Media is a means of:  Beating the advertisers at their own game.

And: Keeping up with breaking news on the other side of the freakin’ planet?

It exposes: Corruption, conspiracy, conflagration!?

But: The din of history unfolding on a world stage is deafening.

“Go home, CNN, you’re drunk!”

The best filter is the one between your ears.

Know your sources and don’t let the corporate controlled media comodify the truth!

People everywhere are starting to “wake-up” and smell the napalm.

~ Or, as I like to call it, Generation “Wait. What?” ~


  • Sometimes you need to slow things down or take an outright break from the constant barrage of chatter. I’m seeing increasing numbers of friends who are proclaiming a “Social Media Fast”. Stepping away from Facebook and Twitter for a week, or more, is easier than you’d think. And the nice thing about Google+ is that things are visible in your feed for a lot longer than they tend to stick around on the Book of Face.                                    Did I miss another birthday?  Aw, shucks!  Can I blame the SPAM-filter? Again? 


  • Putting a good “face” forward on your social media image, or not, is the first step towards your impending immortality.  In this burgeoning era of electronic-transcendance we must reimagine ourselves for the digital universe. How will you present yourself to the world?

What the heck is an “avatar“?  This is NOT your parent’s grapevine. Operatorgive me Murray Hill 7459! 


When was the last time you watched “The Lawnmower Man” or updated your Tinder profile? (Thank YOU, Marie Claire!) And, no, I’m not going to link you to Grindr, you’re just going to have to go “there” yourself!

*P.S. Mom, Avatar was NOT a documentary.

We have the technology — we can (re)build ourselves!  

  • Note to virtual self: Open the dialogue, eschew the mundane, be artful in your troll-dodging, stop talking into garage remote.

I have seen my articles and interviews reprinted, with credit but not permission, on websites and blogs from all over the world. While flattering, these pop-up features don’t provide much information or context about my writing. I am eager to collect and preserve my assorted published articles and sundry in digital form. Further to this I aspire to cultivate useful contacts with publications that may be interested in reproducing my work.


Another area I’d like to explore is writing promotional materials on behalf of musicians, bands, and labels who require experienced writers and editors to provide them with print materials to accompany new releases, press kits, album synopsis, biographies, artist statements and so on. I am interested in hearing if any of my ADL310 classmates have earned any money or acquired gainful employment via LinkedIn?

Curious about the real benefits and numbers behind the digital Rolodex meets yearbook known as LinkedIn? Check out this article by Craig Smith on: 80 Amazing Statistics about LinkedIn

I suspect that combining different aspects of the social media platforms we’ve been trying out in my #ADL310 course will be the most beneficial approach. Melding the visual stimulation of Google+, with the authorship of WordPress, and the professional credentials and contacts provided by LinkedIn would be ideal for my purposes.

I think that the Communities supported by these platforms are a great source of natural creative/professional niches that might be receptive to my content.


Time to roll up our sleeves and get busy bloggin’!




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