When it comes to LinkedIn & me, timing is everything…

A classmate’s insights on when to finally hit “Accept”.

Mud Puddle Days

LinkedIn came to be in a time when my professional career lay charted beautifully on a calm, turquoise sea. Direction, support and learning opportunities stretched from me to the horizon. I dismissed each LinkedIn invite I received; confident that my real world, thriving professional network would never falter or disappear. And besides, I am a “people person”. Why would I ever want to develop and nurture relationships in cyber space when I could do it in-person? I never saw the hurricane coming until it hit…

In 2012, political and personal circumstances caused me to leave a career path I’d associated with forever. And with that professional shift, came too a shift in geography. In choosing me above all else, I chose to say goodbye to a professional world that knew and respected me. All of a sudden, I found myself in a world of anonymity.

Enter LinkedIn, right?! Not on your life! I…

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