My interview with Pre-Rock Records founder Jim Ginther about his label’s new compilation House of Burners!

BeatRoute Magazine

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Anyone who has experienced the Canadian Prairies from the backseat of a car can attest to the placating effect of rolling down an endless black ribbon of highway that traverses a vast and seldom-varied ocean of waving wheat. An homage to those derelict driftwood-coloured farm buildings which dot our cultural landscape, the incendiary new House of Burners compilation is destined to become the unofficial road-trip soundtrack of summer 2014. Bringing together 16 of the best-loved hardcore, punk, stoner and heavy rock bands from across the country, HoB was conceived by infamous Saskatchewan doom rockers, Shooting Guns.

“Basically, up until last year, we got our records out there by dropping them off at record stores while on tour,” explains Shooting Guns drummer Jim Ginther. “Our group comes from a strong DIY background, so we’re used to getting things done on our…

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