Recommended Podcast: Joe Rogan Experience #485 featuring comedian Amy Schumer

Video streaming by Ustream

I don’t know who I love more Joe Rogan or Amy Schumer.  Okay, it’s Joe.

Never before have you heard such a relaxed yet intensely focused series of podcasts.

Joe Rogan is the guy who hosted Fear Factor, and he’s the lead commentator for the UFC, and he’s an extremely popular stand-up comic. But that’s not the half of it!

The Joe Rogan Experience or JRE isn’t just for meatheaded MMA fans, it’s a treasure trove of insightful and enlightening information.

A survival manual to planet Earth in a nutshell.

Work, play, food, family, education, sex, religion, conspiracy theories, psychology, drugs, the environment, race, parenthood, sports, technology, politics …

Sweet baby Jesus, it’s all here for you to hear, folks!

Author Graham Hancock, a repeated guest on the JRE, calls it a guide to modern manhood, but I think we can all benefit from Joe’s open-minded yet principled approach to his subjects.

His guestlist is long, but comprehensive. Fighters, fellow comedians, journalists, congressional candidates, authors, technocrats, UFO kooks, musicians…the list goes on!

I enjoy and appreciate that these podcasts are done so frequently. Part of the beauty of Joe’s system is that he does NOT go back to edit his podcasts. Sure, you hear the drinks being spilled and people leaving for bathroom breaks, but the flow of conversation is constant and consistent. Well, unless his train of thought goes off the rails. Chronic! He also videocasts live from his studios during his podcast taping via Ustream. It’s all muscles, baseball hats, and tattoos (not that those are bad), so listening is just as enjoyable.

There is a wealth of knowledge and entertainment awaiting you via JRE. Check it out!



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