Social Media : Intentional Internet

Making Social Media work for you?  For me?  For us?  


Voicing your truth — Mediating Success

Sharing and over-sharing via social media has created an economy of its own.

A “Sharing Economy” of networked mobile information technologies that allows us to connect with one another online.

The human drive to communicate is transmuted into an exciting new entity. Addressing concerns and envisioning innovation via Social Media.

This includes Blogs and Podcasts, including video podcasts, and for better-or-worse more people are flocking to Social Media sites every day.

*Social Media is NOT the antidote to loneliness.


*Wait! There are cats on the Internets now!?

The potential for engaging an audience that was previously inaccessible is intriguing. Think of the progress that could be made in areas relating to social equality and new ecological solutions!

Building on the successes and set-backs I’ve experience throughout my coursework for ADL310 I hope to create more substansive partnerships that will allow me to create even more projects and content to share via my own Social Media outlets.

Whether I’m sharing “new musical discoveries” or “promoting an upcoming concert” I hope that I will be able to seamlessly combine podcasting and textual content in order to present key concepts in a manner that is both entertaining and informative.

The challenge of constructing a blog or podcast worthy of a returning audience goes beyond finding time to record new podcasts and enhance the visual appeal of one’s website.

podcast engage meme

We must ask ourselves:  Who will I be sharing with?  Who are the users of my service or content?

Professor Juliet Schor, a leading academic researcher on social media, observed that

“…sharing is not new, but what is new is sharing with strangers – because of the Internet’s ability to connect us and also because we can crowd source information on reputation. Trust systems and platforms are becoming critical.”

Some people simply opt to re-share things they find interesting, thus the re-Tweeters of this world. Others are consumers of social media on multiple levels who are comfortable navigating the digital forest.  Meanwhile, we all know Luddites who do neither.

It all comes down to levels of trust and the need to preserve a sovereign identity in the face of placating and overwhelming conventionality.

What about potential employers and collaborators?  Groom your online I.D. to maximize your good social media hygiene. Keep it up to date, but not too personal!

After all —

A well-defined digital footprint can lend credibility to your resume.  

Ideally, a good social media profile highlights your key strengths in order to boost your career prospects.


A powerful tool for the future!

I think that it’s safe to assume that even if we do not socialize via the worldwide web, we will all eventually have to interact with such technologies in some form while performing duties related to our traditional workplaces. Experience with social media might be all the leverage you need to improve your employment prospects.

So, we might as well brush up now and give ourselves and our careers a developmental toehold in this rapidly evolving era of neo-networks.

Miriam Salpeter, author of Social Networking for Career Success, explains the importance of social media as a channel to enhance your professional reputation and to become known as a thought leader in your field.

Check out her thoughts here:

Learn to Leverage Social Media to Enhance Your Career (Podcast)




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