House of Burners CD review

My album review… Haut!

BeatRoute Magazine


Speculating that the maturation of Canada’s musical talent will eventually lead to a grey-powered revolution, the hardcore harbingers behind Saskatoon’s doom rock band, Shooting Guns, have struck upon the idea for a retirement home aimed at aging rockers. Built on the foundation of Shooting Gun’s own label, Pre-Rock Records, the House of Burners compilation is a self-serve buffet of some of this country’s most notorious heavy rock outfits.

Rallying under the Pre-Rock banner, likeminded bands such as Ian Blurton’s Public Animal, Krang, Black Thunder, Chron Goblin, Hawkeyes, Devonian Gardens, Mahogany Frog, Lavagoat, and The Pack A.D. all put up equal shares of loudness and lucre in support of Ginther’s pipe dream.

The perfect summer road-trip soundtrack, House of Burners rips from beginning to end with outstanding tracks including The Switching Yard’s consummately repeatable “Tanya” and a dashing live-in-concert recording of Bison’s “These Are My Dress…

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