Recommended social video: RipTide gets Animated by Crooked Line

RipTide – In The Middle of the Nite – Official video by Stefan Glerum & Crooked Line

  • Come along for a night out with a group of clandestine street racers in this explosive music video…


Fans of the original Heavy Metal animated movie will feel right at home with these images set to music.

Or is it vice-versa?

Amsterdam-based illustrator Stefan Glerum teamed up with animation studio Crooked Line to create this animated music video for DJ and producer RipTide. Crooked Line was responsible for bringing Stefan’s illustrations to life for the first time.

If you’re familiar with animated marvels like MTV’s Downtown, Archer (get out of my head Bob’s Burgers), and the Venture Brothers you’ll enjoy the sleek line-work and rapid fire POV angles that accompany the throbbing electronic soundtrack provided by RipTide.

That’s right I’m calling the song a soundtrack. Which is rather backwards when you consider that the drawings were made to compliment it.

I have friends who design videogames to accompany their music, so I can appreciate the relationship between the two mediums with the understanding that they are not mutually dependent, but rather enhance one another in an artistic sense.

The idea of having someone animate one of my radio shows or interviews is intriguing.

Consider the collide-a-scope media-upmashery of Tetrix:

Or, the visual whimsy of West Coast beat maker and gaming wizard Nate “Mantrakid” Schmold:

As with the infamous Dark Side of the Rainbow cross-over — I’d like to try setting alternative soundtracks to some of my favourite films.  Please check out these other examples of synch-ups between films and albums: SyncMovies

Did you love Akira?  Did you tolerate Tron?

Then Neo-Tokyo is about to explode!  Again.

Watch it on Vimeo:

RipTide – In The Middle of the Nite – Official video by Stefan Glerum & Crooked Line from Crooked Line on Vimeo.

  • High and tight, this music video came together as part of the collaboration between digital speedracer RipTide and the Jäger Music DJ program.

Illustrations: Stefan Glerum

Animation: Crooked Line

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