Recommended social video: How to Pick a Lock with Hairpins – Demonstrative DIY

Let’s call it a “Life Hack”.

We’ve all wondered what it would be like to be a professional safe-crackers.

A nimble-fingered, keen-eared tumbler-tuner.  Mom always hoped I’d wear a steth0scope one day.

Somehow this always involves a black catsuit and a flashlight small enough to be held between one’s teeth.

*Insert Clouseau-esque theme music here!

Remember that episode of King of the Hill where Hank breaks into the second-floor of their rented Mexican apartment building using a car key and brute force?

I’ve always wondered what I’d do in a similar situation…

NightHawkInLight to the rescue!  

(No, seriously that’s what he calls himself.)

A prime example of content that is best communicated through video, NHIL’s narrative is clear and concise. These (apparently) easy-to-follow instructions are accompanied by footage of how to perform each step. Using a clear dummy lock device he takes you through the basics of opening a locked door with just 2 simple hairpins (aka Bobby Pins – so named for the bobbed hairstyle).

I mean, who doesn’t carry such thing around in her purse?  Innocent enough, alright.

Better forewarn the neighbours so they don’t call the fuzz when they see me trying this out on my side door!



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