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My album review… Haut!

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Speculating that the maturation of Canada’s musical talent will eventually lead to a grey-powered revolution, the hardcore harbingers behind Saskatoon’s doom rock band, Shooting Guns, have struck upon the idea for a retirement home aimed at aging rockers. Built on the foundation of Shooting Gun’s own label, Pre-Rock Records, the House of Burners compilation is a self-serve buffet of some of this country’s most notorious heavy rock outfits.

Rallying under the Pre-Rock banner, likeminded bands such as Ian Blurton’s Public Animal, Krang, Black Thunder, Chron Goblin, Hawkeyes, Devonian Gardens, Mahogany Frog, Lavagoat, and The Pack A.D. all put up equal shares of loudness and lucre in support of Ginther’s pipe dream.

The perfect summer road-trip soundtrack, House of Burners rips from beginning to end with outstanding tracks including The Switching Yard’s consummately repeatable “Tanya” and a dashing live-in-concert recording of Bison’s “These Are My Dress…

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Does the idea of pot seeds being sold alongside tulip bulbs at your local Canadian Tire sound crazy to you? If all goes according to plan for local startup Crop King Seeds, it could be a reality in as little as two years.
The proprietor, who asked to be described only as ‘Kyle’, describes Crop King as “North America’s first branded marijuana company,” and has big plans to make growing your own weed easy and accessible.

“We’re a regular company, like Molson Canadian,” he says. “We’re trying to really take this industry up a level.”

Since taking a long hiatus after the extradition of Marc Emery, Crop King is back, and has experienced an enormous jump in sales following Colorado’s legalization this year. In Kyle’s words, Crop King is “just waiting for the laws to change.” If Justin Trudeau’s promised legalization does…

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Recommended Podcast: The irreverent Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #164: Hip Hop Slop Shop (with Pete Davidson and David Sirus)

NSFW – Avant-garde Stand-up Comedian Ari Shaffir takes his ire out on whatever’s sticking in his craw. More impressively he’s able to convince talented and intelligent people to join in. Rants, conspiracies, blasphemy. See him live in performance when he comes to Yuk Yuks Calgary in autumn 2014.


Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #164: Hip Hop Slop Shop (with Pete Davidson and David Sirus).

A prime example of an accomplished public speaker who uses humour and shock-value to provoke discussions. Ari attracts many famous guests to his podcast and in turn appears on several others including two fabulous podcasts the Joe Rogan Experience and The Opie & Anthony Show.

He’s not Howard Stern and that’s a good thing! Ari is a professional and his approach to his stand-up material is reflected by his witty and at times challenging perspective on the modern zeitgeist. Pity the NSA agents who ask him to remove his smelly shoes at LAX!



TETRIX Podcasting live from The Nocturntable

Electronic wizards Tetrix perform live in-studio during an airing of The Nocturntable on CJSW 90.9FM Calgary, AB

Social Media : Intentional Internet

Making Social Media work for you?  For me?  For us?  


Voicing your truth — Mediating Success

Sharing and over-sharing via social media has created an economy of its own.

A “Sharing Economy” of networked mobile information technologies that allows us to connect with one another online.

The human drive to communicate is transmuted into an exciting new entity. Addressing concerns and envisioning innovation via Social Media.

This includes Blogs and Podcasts, including video podcasts, and for better-or-worse more people are flocking to Social Media sites every day.

*Social Media is NOT the antidote to loneliness.


*Wait! There are cats on the Internets now!?

The potential for engaging an audience that was previously inaccessible is intriguing. Think of the progress that could be made in areas relating to social equality and new ecological solutions!

Building on the successes and set-backs I’ve experience throughout my coursework for ADL310 I hope to create more substansive partnerships that will allow me to create even more projects and content to share via my own Social Media outlets.

Whether I’m sharing “new musical discoveries” or “promoting an upcoming concert” I hope that I will be able to seamlessly combine podcasting and textual content in order to present key concepts in a manner that is both entertaining and informative.

The challenge of constructing a blog or podcast worthy of a returning audience goes beyond finding time to record new podcasts and enhance the visual appeal of one’s website.

podcast engage meme

We must ask ourselves:  Who will I be sharing with?  Who are the users of my service or content?

Professor Juliet Schor, a leading academic researcher on social media, observed that

“…sharing is not new, but what is new is sharing with strangers – because of the Internet’s ability to connect us and also because we can crowd source information on reputation. Trust systems and platforms are becoming critical.”

Some people simply opt to re-share things they find interesting, thus the re-Tweeters of this world. Others are consumers of social media on multiple levels who are comfortable navigating the digital forest.  Meanwhile, we all know Luddites who do neither.

It all comes down to levels of trust and the need to preserve a sovereign identity in the face of placating and overwhelming conventionality.

What about potential employers and collaborators?  Groom your online I.D. to maximize your good social media hygiene. Keep it up to date, but not too personal!

After all —

A well-defined digital footprint can lend credibility to your resume.  

Ideally, a good social media profile highlights your key strengths in order to boost your career prospects.


A powerful tool for the future!

I think that it’s safe to assume that even if we do not socialize via the worldwide web, we will all eventually have to interact with such technologies in some form while performing duties related to our traditional workplaces. Experience with social media might be all the leverage you need to improve your employment prospects.

So, we might as well brush up now and give ourselves and our careers a developmental toehold in this rapidly evolving era of neo-networks.

Miriam Salpeter, author of Social Networking for Career Success, explains the importance of social media as a channel to enhance your professional reputation and to become known as a thought leader in your field.

Check out her thoughts here:

Learn to Leverage Social Media to Enhance Your Career (Podcast)



Recommended Podcast: Joe Rogan Experience #485 featuring comedian Amy Schumer

Video streaming by Ustream

I don’t know who I love more Joe Rogan or Amy Schumer.  Okay, it’s Joe.

Never before have you heard such a relaxed yet intensely focused series of podcasts.

Joe Rogan is the guy who hosted Fear Factor, and he’s the lead commentator for the UFC, and he’s an extremely popular stand-up comic. But that’s not the half of it!

The Joe Rogan Experience or JRE isn’t just for meatheaded MMA fans, it’s a treasure trove of insightful and enlightening information.

A survival manual to planet Earth in a nutshell.

Work, play, food, family, education, sex, religion, conspiracy theories, psychology, drugs, the environment, race, parenthood, sports, technology, politics …

Sweet baby Jesus, it’s all here for you to hear, folks!

Author Graham Hancock, a repeated guest on the JRE, calls it a guide to modern manhood, but I think we can all benefit from Joe’s open-minded yet principled approach to his subjects.

His guestlist is long, but comprehensive. Fighters, fellow comedians, journalists, congressional candidates, authors, technocrats, UFO kooks, musicians…the list goes on!

I enjoy and appreciate that these podcasts are done so frequently. Part of the beauty of Joe’s system is that he does NOT go back to edit his podcasts. Sure, you hear the drinks being spilled and people leaving for bathroom breaks, but the flow of conversation is constant and consistent. Well, unless his train of thought goes off the rails. Chronic! He also videocasts live from his studios during his podcast taping via Ustream. It’s all muscles, baseball hats, and tattoos (not that those are bad), so listening is just as enjoyable.

There is a wealth of knowledge and entertainment awaiting you via JRE. Check it out!



My cover-story for the February 2014 issue of Beat Route, Alberta and Beat Route, British Columbia.

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Well-defined personal boundaries have long been a key component of The Pack A.D.’s sustained success as an exclusively female blues-rock sensation. An asymmetrical team of sonic workhorses, guitarist/vocalist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller shoulder the yoke together to blast out stripped-down street anthems with equal quotients of fury and conviction. Responsible for producing four galvanizing albums, The Pack A.D. has maintained an admirable pace since forging their creative partnership in 2006. To their credit: Tintype (2007), Funeral Mixtape (2008), We Kill Computers (2010), and Unpersons (2011), which received a JUNO nomination in the category of “Breakthrough Group Of The Year.” Buoyed by well-deserved accolades and a devoted cult following, the pair displayed neither fatigue nor duress when confronted with their biggest challenge to date: topping themselves.

“I’m really pleased that the last album did so well. It’s been…

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So…I finally got to interview Michael “Come with me if you want to live!” Biehn.



My write-up of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014




Read my article on House of Burners. The roadtrip soundtrack of summer 2014!