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So…I finally got to interview Michael “Come with me if you want to live!” Biehn.



My write-up of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014


Sled Island Announces Full Lineup! : Sled Island



Sled Island Announces Full Lineup! : Sled Island.

*Follow the link to discover the recently announced “full line-up”!

Read my capsule bios on these of the exciting musical acts that are amongst the 250 band who will be performing at Calgary’s own benchmark music festival SLED ISLAND this June!

Bands I covered for the official Sled Island Festival Guide include:

Dan Deacon

Bry Webb

BA Johnston



Hag Face

The Nymphets

Pop Crimes

Red Sea


Bend Sinister

Doug Hoyer


The Mouthbreathers

Night Committee


What’s Wrong, Tohei

Fury Things

Johnny de Courcy and the Death Rangers

Black Atlass

Blitzen Trapper

Fresh & Onlys

La Luz


All About: The Nocturntable


DJ~edi Christine has been rawking the airwaves for the better part of two decades!

Catch her show The Nocturntable live every Saturday night from 8-10pm MT

Listen online via Calgary, Alberta, Canada’s

radical rebel radio station

www.CJSW.com 90.9FM


Also available for your listening pleasure on:

Telus TV: channel 7065

Twart: @Nocturntable

Google+: clcmediaspecialist@gmail.com

LinkedIn: Christine Leonard-Cripps

WordPress: Nocturntable.WordPress.com

Read: The Nocturntable’s blog for everything a culture vulture desires!

Exciting and informative interviews, reviews, and articles about art, music, food, literature, and more!


Saying “Yes!” to the Plus!

Am I getting the most out of Social Media sites like Google+ and LinkedIn?

**  Hey! It is what you make it!  **


Given that Google+ is a “must-do” for those #ADL310 students, as well as those who are vested in production and distribution, I aim to make optimal use of it even though I’m chiefly concerned with utilizing it for personal promotion, as opposed to running a small business. As a writer, journalist, radio programmer, wife, parent, film critic, MMA enthusiast, feminist, science fiction fan, et al. — I think that Google+ holds decent potential for drawing attention to my creative endeavours, accomplishments, opinions, and areas of interest.

  • I’m not going to bludgeon you with the business end of it; this is about sharing and spreading ideas that provoke, stimulate, and inspire.


  Calgary has a very strong music community and the indie music scene is thriving across Canada at large. I would love to go beyond my usual publishing/writing activities for the various newspapers, websites, and magazines that I’m fortunate enough to write for when tapping into that devoted readership.

The world wide web is the new wild wild west!

My beloved radio station CJSW 90.9FM in Calgary has recently been approved to increase our signal power from 4,000 to 14,000 watts!  That means more listeners for my Saturday night program, “The Nocturntable”, than ever before. I want to provide an easy to access and visually enticing forum for promoting my program, sharing new sounds and artists, and interacting with listeners.   artworks-000071993282-7gav2j-original By now we all know that Twitter is not just fun — it’s near instant! You may be able to get the headlines in real time — but the big picture can’t always be conveyed in 140 characters!

As our course text Zen and the Art of Social Media Marketing suggests, Twitter wasn’t really designed for conversations. If you’ve tried, you’ve probably found it difficult to follow certain threads and exchanges. Back-tracking through a multi-layered interaction is pretty much an exercise in futility. Have you ever gone to a person’s page, and seen ten tweets in a row studded with a litany of @msgs and cryptic hashtags? It’s almost impossible to decipher who said what to whom!

The insightful and entertaining can coexist!?


Social Media is a means of:  Beating the advertisers at their own game.

And: Keeping up with breaking news on the other side of the freakin’ planet?

It exposes: Corruption, conspiracy, conflagration!?

But: The din of history unfolding on a world stage is deafening.

“Go home, CNN, you’re drunk!”

The best filter is the one between your ears.

Know your sources and don’t let the corporate controlled media comodify the truth!

People everywhere are starting to “wake-up” and smell the napalm.

~ Or, as I like to call it, Generation “Wait. What?” ~


  • Sometimes you need to slow things down or take an outright break from the constant barrage of chatter. I’m seeing increasing numbers of friends who are proclaiming a “Social Media Fast”. Stepping away from Facebook and Twitter for a week, or more, is easier than you’d think. And the nice thing about Google+ is that things are visible in your feed for a lot longer than they tend to stick around on the Book of Face.                                    Did I miss another birthday?  Aw, shucks!  Can I blame the SPAM-filter? Again? 


  • Putting a good “face” forward on your social media image, or not, is the first step towards your impending immortality.  In this burgeoning era of electronic-transcendance we must reimagine ourselves for the digital universe. How will you present yourself to the world?

What the heck is an “avatar“?  This is NOT your parent’s grapevine. Operatorgive me Murray Hill 7459! 


When was the last time you watched “The Lawnmower Man” or updated your Tinder profile? (Thank YOU, Marie Claire!) And, no, I’m not going to link you to Grindr, you’re just going to have to go “there” yourself!

*P.S. Mom, Avatar was NOT a documentary.

We have the technology — we can (re)build ourselves!  

  • Note to virtual self: Open the dialogue, eschew the mundane, be artful in your troll-dodging, stop talking into garage remote.

I have seen my articles and interviews reprinted, with credit but not permission, on websites and blogs from all over the world. While flattering, these pop-up features don’t provide much information or context about my writing. I am eager to collect and preserve my assorted published articles and sundry in digital form. Further to this I aspire to cultivate useful contacts with publications that may be interested in reproducing my work.


Another area I’d like to explore is writing promotional materials on behalf of musicians, bands, and labels who require experienced writers and editors to provide them with print materials to accompany new releases, press kits, album synopsis, biographies, artist statements and so on. I am interested in hearing if any of my ADL310 classmates have earned any money or acquired gainful employment via LinkedIn?

Curious about the real benefits and numbers behind the digital Rolodex meets yearbook known as LinkedIn? Check out this article by Craig Smith on: 80 Amazing Statistics about LinkedIn

I suspect that combining different aspects of the social media platforms we’ve been trying out in my #ADL310 course will be the most beneficial approach. Melding the visual stimulation of Google+, with the authorship of WordPress, and the professional credentials and contacts provided by LinkedIn would be ideal for my purposes.

I think that the Communities supported by these platforms are a great source of natural creative/professional niches that might be receptive to my content.


Time to roll up our sleeves and get busy bloggin’!



“Everyday Sunshine” the untold story of Fishbone

Metzler doc has Fishbone shining

Everyday Sunshine has vet Cali act navigating the racialized waters of ’70s L.A.

Interview and article by Christine Leonard


CUFF brings two seperate delights: First, Chris Metzler’s Everyday Sunshine doc. Then, a performance at the Ship!


We’re all familiar with the images of public school desegregation in Texas back in 1956, black children being led into their formerly all-white schools under guard as angry mobs jeer from the sidelines. Flash forward some 20 years, and the next generation of African-Americans were met with a similar circumstance, as Los Angeles began bussing students from outlying black neighbourhoods into the city’s more affluent and predictably white high schools. Despite protests by white parents, the likes of Fishbone’s Angelo Moore and Norwood Fisher were soon ushered into a previous unexplored environment, one that exposed them to the surf and punk rock culture of their newly acquired peer group.

Already well-acquainted with the worlds of funk, jazz, reggae and R&B, the singer and bassist pooled their talents with drummer Phillip “Fish” Fisher (Norwood’s brother), guitarist Kendall Jones, keyboardist Chris Dowd and trumpet player Walter Kirby to form the original 1979 lineup of Fishbone. Tracing the groundbreaking ensemble’s twisted roots, filmmakers Chris Metzler and Lev Anderson have gone to remarkable lengths to uncover the ins and outs of one of North America’s most influential bands in Everyday Sunshine, screening at this year’s iteration of the Calgary Underground Film Festival.


“They are the storytellers of their age,” explains co-director and writer Chris Metzler. “They grew up in the first post-civil rights generation in the 1970s and were raised with the promise and belief that came with that. The challenge of making the film was to reveal that era of L.A.’s history; it’s one of the most racially polarized yet multicultural spaces in the world. Through Fishbone, we wanted to tell the story of the black experience and the insolence that came from them as a result of the city they came from.”


Of course, no trip to the Hollywood Hills would be complete without some bonafide star-spotting, and Everyday Sunshine doesn’t disappoint. According to Metzler, the directors had a difficult time narrowing down the number of celebrity interviews they could include in the movie. Having spawned innumerable acts in its three-decade career, Fishbone has attracted some pretty impressive followers.


Everyone from Flea to Perry Farrell to Ice T to Gwen Stefani chimes in on Fishbone’s no-holds-barred, genre-straddling, mosh-pit-igniting performances. Stefani, in particular, expresses a deep affection for frontman Moore — his persona has been the single greatest influence on her style as a lead singer. Another of the film’s gems is a smooth and informative narrative thread furnished by none other than Laurence Fishburne, who provides insight into the events and conditions surrounding Fishbone’s meteoric rise to an equally mercurial fall, one that finds the band in court for trying to kidnap/force an intervention on one of its own.


“We tried to stay away from the cache of name recognition in dealing with the celebrities in this film,” says Metzler. “We wanted to stick to people who were family members and close friends for this one, but there are so many who have been personally touched by the band. Contemporaries, followers, friends outside music — there is a lot of admiration for them and a lot of relationships to be talked about. Fishbone has been involved in punk, ska, rock, metal, hip hop…. Everyone wanted in! Laurence knew the band from his days working as a nightclub bouncer back in the ’80s; he was the perfect voice to explain the issues surrounding the film.”


Determined to witness the life of Fishbone firsthand, filmmakers Metzler and Anderson spent three to four years tracking the band on tour, delving into members’ home lives, and watching over their shoulders, as Fisher struggles to get Moore’s alter-ego, Dr. Madd Vibe, to step away from the theremin. Recent and archival concert footage is interwoven with Ground Zero reports, family album-calibre interviews and Fat Albert(ish) animation to deliver an awe-inspiring yet completely sobering account of Fishbone’s tumultuous swim upstream.


“The tough thing about working on a documentary film is that there’s a fine line as to how much filming effects the action,” says Metlzer, of Fishbone’s reaction to being immortalized in celluloid. “In the end you can’t really separate the two, but having a lot of people asking those questions certainly makes the band reflect on things, even when they’re not on-camera. Angelo and Norwood are thoughtful guys, and a lot of the things that came out in the film had been on the tip of their tongues and ruminating in their heads for a while.”

“Sharing these details outside of the self often spurs us on to share even more,” he continues. “What started as a compelling project has become a catalyst. The band is curious to see what happens next. They really loved seeing these interviews; if they had one piece of feedback it was that they wanted to see more of the people. It could have been a 10-hour movie!”

Christine Leonard

The Nocturntable’s Albums of the Year for 2013

A List of The Nocturntable’s 

Favourite Albums of 2013

: as featured on our weekly program airing Saturday nights from 8-10pm MT on CJSW 90.9FM

  1. CAVE Threace (Drag City) *Recommended track(s): “Sweaty Fingers”, “Arrow’s Myth”
  2. White Denim Corsicana Lemonade (Downtown) “At Night in Dreams”, “Pretty Green”
  3. Red Fang Whales and Leeches (Relapse Records) “Blood Like Wine”
  4. Daft Punk Random Access Memories (Columbia) “Get Lucky”
  5. Queens of the Stone Age …Like Clockwork (Matador) “I Sat By the Ocean”, “Smooth Sailing”
  6. ASG Blood Drive (Relapse Records) “Avalanche”
  7. Russian Circles Memorial (Sargent House) “Lebaron”
  8. His Electro Blue Voice Ruthless Sperm (Sub Pop) “Spit Dirt”
  9. Polvo Siberia (Merge) “Total Immersion”, “Anchoress”
  10. And So I Watch You From Afar All Hail Bright Futures (Sargent House) “Ambulance”

Interview with Indian Handcrafts

Mixed Martial Arts & Crafts for Losers


SHOOTING ARROWS AT THE SUN: Christine Leonard interviews Indian Handcrafts’ Brandyn “Bruce Lee” Aikins

More than just your average roadside attraction, Indian Handcrafts is an exceptionally sharp and hard-hitting power duo from the sweltering burbs of Barrie, Ont. A serious contender for album of the year, the outfit’s November 2012 debut on the Sargent House record label, Civil Disobedience For Losers, is an action-packed thrill ride that leaves no doubt that two can sound as good as four, or more. One half of Indian Handcraft’s devastating onslaught, drummer Brandyn Aikins feels fortunate that destiny arranged for him to meet up with guitarist/vocalist Dan Allen at the recording studio of a mutual friend.

“Dan and I started jamming for fun,” Aikins explains. “But, before we knew it, what was basically a fun distraction grew into the foundations of full-fledged band. By 2003, we had formed an indie folk group, called Fox Jaws, which featured my sister, Carleigh, on vocals. Still, Dan and I loved, and had a tendency to want to play, heavy music. So, it was only natural that the whole time we were in Fox Jaws we experimented with other directions we could go in. After a time, we kind of decided that, if we were going to be completely satisfied with what we were doing, we need to change things up and said, ‘Why don’t the two of us try out some of those heavy riffs Dan’s been working on?’”

Leaner and meaner, the trimmed-down twosome of Aikins and Allen began stretching their performing and songwriting skills to achieve the ample-yet-calculated sonic manoeuvres that characterize their sound. Taking themselves outside the box and out of their usual element, Indian Handcrafts conjured the fighting spirit of Bruce Lee on a track named in his honour and succeeded in exorcising their heavy metal demons the old-fashioned way.

“We had a surplus of energy built up coming out of the old band and that helped us write a lot of songs. Lyrically, we were all over the place, stabbing at a lot of themes, ranging from goofy, psychedelic tales, like ‘Terminal Horse,’ to songs about the uprising of Indigenous populations, or Soviet Union-era politics, or individuals who struggle with mental illness, as we allude to on ‘Centari Teenage Riot.’ I’ve done a lot of things in my life, but I have yet to link arms with strangers to stop a tank in the streets. It may not be too deep, but by making my music the way I want to, I can put forth my convictions in my own way.”

Soon to become a worst-kept secret, Indian Handcrafts is preparing to embark on a cross-Canada tour with Billy Talent, Sum 41 and Hollerado. Having made waves at Edgefest, the band that‘s louder than acts three times their size anticipates that they’ll be kicking off 2013 with a bang. And they’ve got the tenacity to hang in there. After all, Allen recorded their stunning new album with a broken hand!

“We try and sound huge and put out that heavy vibe that we’ve always loved and wanted to play. The fact that it’s so much easier to get our act together, as a pared-down two-piece, is purely a bonus. There’s a lot of serendipity in how it’s all come together for us. For now, this is part of my life. It’s what I’m interested in. And, it’s quite an honour. But, I never forget that it’s important to have fun and I’m looking forward to experience things I never knew existed before.”

Originally published in FFWD Weekly Magazine — March 2013
By Christine Leonard